About NiftyCards

Our primary goal is to bring high quality art to the wax blockchain.

At NiftyCards we are passionate about producing great art at affordable prices in the form of digital art collectibles known as NFTs.   Each NFT (nifty) is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered. Learn more about NFTs HERE.


We also understand the feeling of excitement of not only owning an awesome work of art, but also knowing that such art is limited in number. 

We anticipate releasing several small collections a year, covering different themes and topics which we hope will have NFT art collectors drooling with desire. 

Each of our NiftyCards will have a front containing the artwork, absent of any logos as not to spoil the art.  Backs will contain information about the individual artwork. Additional media files may also be added to each NiftyCard NFT for the purpose of enhancing the artwork. 

Nifty art creation and collecting are still in their infancy and we are excited to be part of this emerging revolution.

Learn how to setup a wax cloud wallet and more HERE