Subali and Sugriwa from NiftyCards collection 1 (available HERE) have been transformed into Warrior Legends for promo giveaways.  How cute are these?

warrior legends niftycards.png
warrior legends blend cards.PNG

Sneak Peak at some of the base blend cards that will be available in the Warrior Legends Series 1 trading card collection. 


NiftyDolls are inspired by the famous Russian dolls.  Each NiftyDoll NFT can be opened to reveal the next rarity.  However, the opened NFT is destroyed, thereby reducing the numbers.  

There are six Robotron NiftyDolls to collect in this release. The sixth animated mythic version can be obtained by blenderizing the previous 5 versions.




tlm BACK2.png

AlienWorld Mining

If you play alienworlds and mine Trilium on our land, Naron 27:5, then you have a chance of receiving some limited Niv-T Mining Corporation NFTs.
We will also be randomly dropping other NiftyCard NFTs, plus cards and art from other wax projects.

NiftyComics: Subali v Sugriwa


We have created a comic book page of our two favourite collection 1 brothers; Subali and Sugriwa.

The black and white version can be obtained by collecting the first four panels (see NFT Blends for details).  These panels will be dropped randomly to wax wallets holding NiftyCard NFTs.

Missing panels can be traded or bought from the wax market (

A limited edition of the colour version is on sale HERE.

group main.JPG
grungy black.jpg

Collection 1

Our collection 1 NiftyCards have been created by an Indonesian artist.  He created 10 different characters inspired by Javanese mythology.  The backs of these cards will have details about each character.

Unlike traditional trading cards where the size of the artwork is limited to the size of the physical card, collection 1 NiftyCards will be large images (2480x3508).  This means that the artwork can be displayed by multiple means. This may be as a desktop background, a dedicated NFT display for your home or in a virtual NFT gallery in places like Decentraland or Cryptovoxels.

Our NiftyCards will be sold individually at the marketplace. Each card will be limited to just 250 on the wax blockchain.



Click HERE for release details

Collection 2

Our collection 2 Wax NFTs will soon be available.  This collection is focused on interesting characters from both the real world and from fiction.  

There will be 7 characters altogether.  Only 100 NFTs of each character will exist over 5 different variants.  That's 20 NFTs for each variant. 


We hope that the different subjects and different variants will cater for a wide range of artistic tastes.  Our collection 2 NFTs are designed for future home NFT screens.  The dimensions will be 3600x4800. 

Smaller Promo collectible versions of each character will also be available.  More Details can be found HERE.

The Horrors Collaboration


The Horrors is a new NFT collection by Ultra Rare focused on the gruesome, the terrifying and the most horrific evil characters to hit the wax blockchain.


The mission of Ultra Rare is to create high quality digital art that surprises, delights and excites collectors. Art that has value. 

These are the same values we have at NiftyCards and so we were delighted to collaborate on The Horrors story.  As such, our collection 1 Subali character has been transformed into a Horrors promo card and will be available soon to collectors. 

To Learn more about The Horrors visit

Saber NFT Giveaway Series

NFT drops.jpg

Click HERE for more information about our Saber NFT giveaway series.